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Economic Literacy Rates Improve

The National Assessment of Educational Progress has released the results of a nationwide economic literacy test given to high school seniors.  Average scores did not change significantly, but scores increased for some lower performing student groups as compared to a … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril

In a 42 minute documentary, CNBC not only explores the role Goldman Sachs played in the 2007 financial crisis but also chronicles the bank’s attempts to restore its tarnished reputation in the aftermath of the global economic downturn.

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Dr. Jeremy Siegel Discusses Long-Run Investing

Animated Wharton School of Business finance professor Jeremy Siegel discusses P/E ratios, macroeconomics, interest rates, stock valuations, monetary policy, and business cycles.  Take note of his comments on the benefits of diversification and taxes on dividends and capital gains.

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Finance Website of the Day

Treasury Direct Kids Treasury Direct Kids provides an overview of the basics of US federal debt, treasury securities, and bonds. The Bureau of the Public Debt launched the fun, interactive, and educational website to engage grade school students in the … Continue reading

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Financial Literacy Month

Each April, National Financial Literacy Month is recognized in the United States in an effort to teach Americans the importance of establishing healthy financial habits.  Here are links to several articles where you can learn more about this unique initiative. … Continue reading

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