Friday Morning Reading

Stock Market

Is the market finally correcting? (Charts etc.)
Market’s Reaction to the Broken Record That is Ben Bernanke (Reuters)
Crediting the Fed for High Stock Prices is Scapegoat for Bad Analysis (A Dash of Insight)
There Goes the Nikkei… (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Personal Finance

Most Important Piece of Financial Advice for College Graduates (The College Investor)
Average Tax Refund: How Does This Year Stack Up to the Historical Average? (20 Something Finance)
FDIC Insurance Coverage: What is it? How much? Who is Covered? (20 Something Finance)
Why You Can’t Keep Your Existing Healthcare Plan Under Obamacare (Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis)


How Commodities Can Help a Portfolio (CBS Money Watch)
A Reason To Own Bonds (Rock Ferri)
When Stock Markets Start Falling What’s the Best Investment Strategy (Investor Junkie)
A Lesson From Warren Buffett: Doubt Yourself (Wall Street Journal)
Looking Up a Fund’s Holdings (Oblivious Investor)


Seven Fun Facts About Corporate Taxes (Harvard Business Review)
How Jamie Dimon Became a Risk Factor (Harvard Business Review)

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