Dissemination of high-quality financial insights is an essential part of the Center’s mission. The multimedia page will feature what the Center deems as the most useful blogs, Twitter accounts, and websites for individual investors, academics, and practitioners.


360 Degrees of Financial Literacy
360 Degrees of Financial Literacy is a national volunteer effort of Certified Public Accountants to help Americans understand their personal finances and develop money management skills.

Investopedia contains a dictionary of financial terms and articles covering personal finance and financial markets. is a US government website dedicated to teaching Americans the basics of financial education.

Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance offers company profiles, currency exchange rates, market analysis, corporate press releases, and tools for personal financial management.



Open Interest
A personal blog written by Jim Moser, the director of the Master’s of Finance Program at American University in Washington D.C.


A Kauffman Foundation blog focused on economic growth and entrepreneurship.


Market Folly
Market Folly tracks the trading activity of prominent hedge funds.

Money Mamba
Money Mamba contains insights on economics, individual stock analysis, investment strategies, and personal finance.

The Big Picture
The Big Picture examines the economy, investments, and capital markets from the perspectives of both behavioral and quantitative analysis.

Personal Finance

Money Under 30
Money Under 30 provides honest, simply financial advice for people new to an annual salary and investing.

The Financial Philosopher
The Financial Philosopher explores the relationships between purpose-driven, meaningful living and personal finance.


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