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TED Talk Tuesday

Where do personal finance and linguistics overlap?  Yale economics professor Keith Chen explores the relationship between attitudes towards the future and the language used.  His paper is in the process of being published by the American Economic Review. Chen has … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning Reading

Personal Finance What To Do When Your Boss Stiffs Your 401(k) (Daily Finance) Is Investing an Art or a Science? (College Investor) Tips for College Grads: How To Retire Rich (Market Watch) Economics Why The Consumer Price Index Is Controversial … Continue reading

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Adam Davidson: What We Learned from Teetering on the Fiscal Cliff

At the end of 2012, the United States was barreling towards the fiscal cliff, a simultaneous increase in tax rates and decrease in government spending that would have occurred on January 1, 2013 were it not for the last minute … Continue reading

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Economic Literacy Rates Improve

The National Assessment of Educational Progress has released the results of a nationwide economic literacy test given to high school seniors.  Average scores did not change significantly, but scores increased for some lower performing student groups as compared to a … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril

In a 42 minute documentary, CNBC not only explores the role Goldman Sachs played in the 2007 financial crisis but also chronicles the bank’s attempts to restore its tarnished reputation in the aftermath of the global economic downturn.

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