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How To Manage Debt When Your Investments Don’t Work Out

By: Al Krulick of Debt.org Regardless of what your broker, your brother-in-law, or that out-of-work actor on the TV commercial tells you, there is no magic formula to winning at the stock market. Sure, there are better and worse strategies, … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Reading

Stock Market Is the market finally correcting? (Charts etc.) Market’s Reaction to the Broken Record That is Ben Bernanke (Reuters) Crediting the Fed for High Stock Prices is Scapegoat for Bad Analysis (A Dash of Insight) There Goes the Nikkei… … Continue reading

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Investing in Bonds

Overview The bond market is the largest securities market in the world, dwarfing stock exchanges by a wide margin in terms of trading volume and activity.  A bond is an instrument of debt that functions as a loan.  The bond … Continue reading

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